Dr Brown Mindfulness Lab Site

Dr. Kirk Brown wanted to create a new site for his existing vcu.edu site. The goal was to create an easily updated site like WordPress but with the ability to host his content on VCU’s Jupiter server. To do this we created a framework that was housed on the Jupiter server but that imported the […]

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Evolution News Site

Evolve Bio Site Screenshot

A site for students to publish public science articles summarizing key topics in biology. There is an initial focus on evolution in an urban environment on the initial running of the course. Student entries are structured on the front end via a form to allow for more sophisticated media production without additional technical skill requirements. […]

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Immersive VR + Art History + Brain Scans

This project spanned a number of areas and technologies. Initially it focused on capturing 360 degree video while in various locations in Ireland. The next goal was to take that video and make it viewable and interactive through the Vive virtual reality hardware. At taht point assessment of brain activity in immersive environments will be […]

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da Vinci Center Ideas Site

This site allows students to submit ideas and revise them. It also allows people to like ideas and comment on them. It’s likely we’ll be expanding it to allow for students outside of VCU to participate so it’s a stand-alone site with a form based registration system that is set to only allow certain email […]

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Ed Leadership Community Site

Educational Leadership Hub screenshot showing a campfire

This is a community site for a variety of educational leadership programs. It lets students create structured profiles which contain short biographies, demographic information and pull in their most recent posts and Twitter activity. Additionally, there is a communal page where all recent activity from all the participants is visible to help create a virtual […]

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da Vinci Center Calendar

The da Vinci Center Innovate students are required to attend a number of events as part of the program. Event attendance is measured in part through student reflections. The goal of this project is to create a single site for the following: create a calendar of upcoming approved events for students allow students to submit […]

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