Academic Learning Transformation Lab

We work with faculty to solve problems, to create opportunities, and to engage students.

What can we do with you?

We can help you:
Free your time

The Internet is a big place. We'll explore fertile grounds for multimedia content, advanced search patterns to find better content faster, and ways to save and organize all the great things you've found.

Learn techniques that will make your searching more effiecent.

Help students learn

The term "active learning" has been ballyhooed for some time now in higher education. It is often used as an umbrella term for a vast range of activities and techniques that endeavor to get students to do more in the classroom than just take notes, and to do more outside of the classroom than just memorize their notes.

This workshop is designed to provide participants with a research-based rationale for why active learning works, an introduction to a wide range of techniques that are suitable to various contexts, and a better understanding of how to select active learning techniques based on one's learning outcomes.

Inspire innovation

Learn how a site can enrich your course, whether it's an online one or a hybrid. Expand beyond the tools you may already know about and try some new innovative experiential techniques to engage with your students.

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